Mathematics men’s shop to open downtown

WICHITA — Some college students in their final year of school are simply trying to make it through. Wichita State University business marketing major Andy Kim, who graduates in May, is already opening a business.

“A lot of people don’t see the potential in your education until you use it,” he says. “It’s kind of nice to … actually be able to use what you’ve learned in the classroom, that you’ve spent all this time and money on.”

Kim and his brother, Minh Ho, are opening Mathematics, a men’s clothing shop, downtown next month.

“It’s a men’s streetwear boutique,” Kim says.

Think young, hip styles. Kim says there aren’t any streetwear shops here similar to what shoppers can find in big cities.

“A lot of people go online to shop,” he says of Wichitans looking for those styles.

Mathematics will be at 630 E. Douglas, which is a few doors down from the Old Mill Tasty Shop.

“I like just the downtown feel. It’s not a mall. It’s definitely a destination place,” Kim says.

Just as Wichita lacks streetwear shops, Kim says, the city also doesn’t have men’s shops with a “downtown or urban feel.”

Kim and Ho considered several names for the shop that didn’t work out, generally because they were already taken. They thought of Mathematics because of the Mos Def song of the same name.

“It’s simple,” Kim says. “It’s simple Mathematics.”

The 1,300-square-foot shop will sell apparel and accessories, such as hats and socks.

“We’ll kind of work things in,” Kim says of expanding lines after the store opens.

He and Ho are signing the lease for the space Wednesday and can be in by this weekend to start preparing for the opening.

“We think we’re on pace for October 15.”