Oz Elite Basketball expands with academy

WICHITA — A fifth Sport Clips Haircuts site isn’t all Roger Haynes-Robertson is working on right now.

He’s also taking his Oz Elite Basketball to the next level with a new academy.

He says his nonprofit boys basketball travel club, which has 10 teams that compete regionally and nationally, now has an academy to help the players practice and develop their skills.

Oz started a year ago with one team. The 10 teams he now has cover a range of ages.

“Because of the growth rate, we have had a lot of interest in people wanting private instruction and group workouts,” Haynes-Robertson says.

For now, the academy will be based at the S&P Sports Complex near 35th Street North and St. Francis.

“It works fine, but I think eventually we’re going to outgrow it,” Haynes-Robertson says.

“We have plans on investing in quite a bit of new equipment.”

That includes shooting and rebounding machines. Haynes-Robertson says he’ll be able to add training for specific positions as the academy grows.

“We have a lot of guys helping out with this,” he says of coaches.

Haynes-Robertson says he appreciates being able to use S&P for now.

“Gym space around Wichita is like gold,” he says.

Still, having his own place is a goal.

“In a perfect world, yeah, we’d love to have our own facility.”