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You don’t say

“If the vice mayor is as good of a politician as I think he is, we’ll be taking the train back to Wichita.”

– City lobbyist Dale Goter, who is flying to Dallas on Wednesday with Vice Mayor Pete Meitzner for a federal workshop on passenger rail service, which the city is working to establish between Dallas and Wichita

Publishing house’s creative advertising attracts unwanted attention

WICHITA — As a new, small publishing house, Wichita’s C. Anderson Publishing is being creative in getting the word out about one of its first endeavors. Too creative, as it turns out.

Caleb Anderson started the company last year and published an e-book of the fantasy story “Legacy of the Bloodborn” by Max Cooper, which is a pen name.

Now, the book is going to be published in paperback, which will be the first one for the company.

“We decided, ‘Hey, let’s test some marketing,’” Anderson says.

Cooper is known for his calligraphy – he handwrites his books – so Anderson had Cooper write some quotes from his book on parchment paper and sealed each of them with wax. The plan was to put them on public bulletin boards around town, such as in coffee shops. The idea was to arouse curiosity about the book.

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Blue Balloon salon to open in the Shops at Tallgrass in memory of husband

Kayme Pumphrey with her children Madden (left) and Addison, and her late husband, Bryan, who is the inspiration behind Blue Balloon.

WICHITA — Kayme Pumphrey owns a successful employment agency in Chicago and had no plans to open another business until personal tragedy struck.

Pumphrey’s husband, Bryan, died unexpectedly a year ago.

“It’s been a rough year,” says Pumphrey, who is raising their children Addison, 6, and Madden, 4.

“Trying to sort of get through that is very hard without family,” Pumphrey says.

She decided to move home to her native Wichita, where family can help her.

“It just sort of seemed like the only option for us.”

The move did give her a business idea, though.

“It was very apparent to me that there were lots of luxuries that I was sort of used to having that we didn’t have here,” Pumphrey says.

She still owns the employment agency but also decided to open Blue Balloon, a hair salon and playroom for children that will open in the Shops at Tallgrass at 21st and Rock Road in late September.

“It’s actually done in honor or in memory of my husband,” Pumphrey says.

“It’s just a nice thing for me to be able to put my energy into and obviously carry on his memory for me and for our kids.”

Her husband’s favorite color was blue.

“It’s just very much him,” Pumphrey says. “And balloons go to heaven.”

The shop’s design will include a mural with photos of the couple’s 2006 trip to Africa and feature things reminiscent of the trip, such as a plane and two open-air vehicles for children to sit in as they have their hair done.

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