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One more time

I’ll be out again, but just for a couple of days. See you back here Monday.


Banh Mi Ngon Bakery & Deli to open at Normandie Center

WICHITA — A “delicious” new Vietnamese deli is opening in Normandie Center at Central and Woodlawn.

Banh Mi Ngon Bakery & Deli – “ngon” means “delicious” in Vietnamese – will open later this week or next week following its final inspection.

“I think we do the best Vietnamese sandwich,” says Annie Vu, who owns Glamour Nail near the restaurant.

“I cook for my employees sometime,” Vu says of her nail salon workers. She occasionally lets customers have a bite of her food, too, and she says many people have told her she should open a restaurant.

Vu wasn’t interested in doing that, but her husband, Peter Nguyen, was.

They’ll make their own bread for their signature banh mi sandwiches along with the pate that goes on them.

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Possible Towne East Square CUP amendment on hold

WICHITA – Simon Property Group’s application for an amendment to the community unit plan for Towne East Square continues to be deferred, but the adjustment has been approved for Towne West Square.

Simon’s applications were to hold outdoor events at both malls, but neighbors near Towne East are fighting it.

“We’ve got it in a holding pattern right now,” says area mall manager Michael Payton.

He says there are still some details to work out.

“I’m not going to say too much about that.”

Payton says the issue will be revisited, but he can’t say when.

Lux to include the Essential residential unit

WICHITA — What’s essential to one downtown dweller isn’t necessarily the same to another, so Robert Eyster and Michael Ramsey are trying to appeal to all tastes in their new Lux development at First and Market.

One residential component in the mix will be the Essential, which Jeremy Luginbill of Lifeboat Creative describes as an option for simplified living.

“This is the essential unit, and basically it is all about streamlined living – living in its simplest form,” he says.

The units will be around 500 square feet. Each will have a small area for dining; a lounging area with room for a couch, coffee table and TV; and a full bathroom on the main floor. There will be a loft area for a bed and possibly a chair along with closet space.

“It gives you really everything you need without excess,” Luginbill says. “But yet you’ve got so much more because you’re going to be in the Lux.”

Amenities are still being finalized, but there will be rooftop decks, a workout center and common areas for entertaining larger groups.

“There’s kind of like this club lifestyle that you get along with it that enhances that simplistic living style,” Luginbill says.

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