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Fielder’s Choice, a baseball practice facility, to open near Kellogg and Edgemoor

WICHITA — Some people struggle with picking a major in college, but Tommy Bryant was already planning his first business while on the baseball field in school.

He’s opening Fielder’s Choice, a baseball practice and instructional facility, at 506 S. Edgemoor near Kellogg and Edgemoor. It’s similar to one he attended during school in the Kansas City area.

“I’ve been planning this since college,” Bryant says. “It just now fell into place.”

Bryant mainly was a catcher at the University of Central Missouri, including in 2003 when the school won the Division II championship, and at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He then played most of five seasons in the American Association of Independent Professional Baseball.

Most recently, Bryant has been the dining room manager at the Wichita Country Club. He says his plan was to work in the business world for a while before starting his own business.

He says Fielder’s Choice is for anyone from children to adults, but instruction will be geared to ages 8 to 18.

There will be a pitching simulator, which Bryant says “is basically a really fancy batting cage.” He says it’s a good tool and “also a lot of fun.”

There will be clay mounds for indoor pitching practice.

Bryant says the facility’s 10,700 square feet will be ideal for consistent instruction and practice during winter months or when players can’t be outdoors.

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You don’t say

“I guess it has rained a lot when the sides of your building start falling off.”

– The Garvey Center’s Larry Weber, commenting on storm damage from wind at the east-side Sears building

JoAn McGregor finds new Delano home for her Blue Swallowtail Studio

WICHITA — What JoAn McGregor thought would be impossible has turned out to be not only possible, but an actuality.

The owner of Blue Swallowtail Studio in Delano is losing her lease at 1712 W. Douglas and feared she wouldn’t be able to immediately find new, affordable space.

“I’m really in a pickle,” she told Have You Heard? last month.

McGregor, a fused glass artist, a potter and a minister, has found new space, though, at 1526 and 1528 W. Douglas.

“It was just two blocks from me,” she says.

The 2,500 square feet at the two addresses is comparable to what McGregor has now. There’s also a kitchen.

“I do parties, so that works perfect.”

There’s a moving sale Tuesday through Saturday with 25 percent off of gallery items.

McGregor says she expects to open in the new space on Sept. 2.

In addition to moving everything in the studio, she’s also transplanting her landscaping to the new studio to “pretty it up.”