Taco Tinga reopens and replaces three Taco Tico restaurants

WICHITA — Taco Tinga is back open along with what looks to be three Taco Tico restaurants, though they’re now Taco Tingas, too.

“We’re currently working on getting the signage changed,” says David Eron, an attorney for the new owner, HAK Group.

The state seized and then reseized the assets of several of Mahmood Karim’s Taco Tico restaurants along with his Taco Tinga for failure to pay taxes.

Karim briefly acknowledged he’s back at the restaurants under a new agreement.

Jeannine Koranda, a spokeswoman for the state, says, “We have not reached any agreement. It would have to be under new ownership.”

In a follow-up call, Karim deferred further questions until after the lunch hour. Then, a woman who identified herself as Mrs. Karim left a voicemail message to say any further calls would have to be to her attorney, David Eron.

Eron won’t discuss the ownership of HAK Group except to say that Mahmood Karim isn’t involved. He won’t say if Mrs. Karim is an owner.

“Again, I can’t disclose ownership issues.”

Eron says HAK Group doesn’t have further expansion plans right now.

“There’s some hope that there will be some expansion in the future, but right now we’re just focusing on those four locations,” he says.

“They’re excited to get started and put all this stuff with the Taco Tico past behind them. Hopefully the public will be receptive.”