Burrow gaming and gift store to expand with new meeting space

UPDATED — Derrek Burrows is such a friend to geeks, he’s almost doubling the size of his gaming store for them.

The Burrow has been in 1,100 square feet at 180 S. Rock Road, which is behind Wendy’s across from Towne East Square, for a couple of years.

“We have gifts for geeks,” says Burrows, a self-professed geek.

“I am, and I have been pretty much all my life.”

The store sells games that appeal to people who are into science fiction, anime and Steampunk, among other things. There are some more traditional games as well.

Burrows also offers the store as a meeting space for groups, which is why he’s expanding into an extra 900 square feet next door.

“It’s a space that will be for hobby groups and special interest groups,” he says.

For instance, there’s a “Doctor Who” fan group that meets at the Burrow once a month.

Currently, groups meet after hours or in the hours before the store closes.

“We would move our shelves around to accommodate them,” Burrows says.

He says shoppers can be intimidated by that, though. He watches them walk in and then “kind of turn around and walk back out.”

He’s remodeling the new space now. He says it will leave “our retail side free to continue selling merchandise.”

Burrows says he’d like to invite more groups to start using the new space.

“We’re doing this almost as a service in our geek community.”