Beechcraft CEO confirms Costco is taking part of the company’s property

UPDATED — As Have You Heard? first reported last summer, Costco is coming to what is currently Beechcraft property at the northeast corner of Kellogg and Webb Road.

During an interview with Aviation Week, Beechcraft CEO Bill Boisture this week confirmed for the first time that the chain is taking part of the company’s property for a future store.

The article explained that “Beechcraft has also consolidated its pistons and turboprops production into a single facility in Wichita, closing the pistons plant. That facility, Boisture says, is ‘on its way to becoming a Costco.’ He said the sale of Plant 3 and property at the south end of the Beechcraft campus will reduce its so-called ‘square mile’ on Wichita’s east side by about 20%.”

An updated version of the Aviation Week story says “big box store” instead of Costco.

Previously, Beechcraft spokeswoman Nicole Alexander said the company had no information or comments to offer about a possible sale to Costco.

In May, Have You Heard? had this update:

Costco has about 17 1/2 acres under contract. The deal isn’t likely to close until later this year. That’s substantially further out than initial time lines suggested. It looks like part of the holdup was the Hawker Beechcraft bankruptcy filing. There were some questions related to environmental issues at the plant as well.

Also, Costco apparently doesn’t want to start construction if the store can’t be open by the holiday season. Instead, there’s a good chance construction will start in the fourth quarter and be ready to open by this time next year.

The city is working with Costco to put a light at Corporate Hills Drive, which would be the main entrance to the store. The store will face the Kellogg and Webb corner.

An assistant to Costco chairman and cofounder Jeff Brotman said he has a standard statement to release when there are media inquiries to the company.

“Our corporate policy is to not comment on specific markets,” he said.

Beechcraft’s Alexander didn’t return a call for comment on Thursday. A woman who answered Brotman’s phone asked how a reporter got that number.

When offered a chance to comment now that Boisture has confirmed the company is coming, the Costco representative said: “We don’t do that.”