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You don’t say

“Finally found something I’m qualified to do.”

– Sedgwick County District Attorney Marc Bennett, responding to County Manager Bill Buchanan’s praise that he did a great job serving water and iced tea at the county fair

Anchor owner Schane Gross to open Douglas Avenue Chop Shop next door

Schane Gross, who is opening Douglas Avenue Chop Shop.

WICHITA — Anchor owner Schane Gross was disappointed when her Creekstone Farms contact told her there are no stores where she could buy the Arkansas City company’s products to cook for her children.

“We were making jokes like, ‘I should just open up a butcher shop,’” Gross says.

It’s no joke, though. That’s what she’s doing.

Gross is opening Douglas Avenue Chop Shop at 1113 E. Douglas, which is next to the Anchor, to sell Creekstone products and other high-end meat.

“It would be an extension of the Anchor,” Gross says.

She’s calling it a boutique butcher shop, but Gross doesn’t want that to intimidate anyone.

“It’s not going to look like a boutique from the outside. It’s going to be very approachable.”

Gross, who hopes to have the shop open by the middle of October, says she’ll sell meat from small producers locally and regionally.

She says it will be the same types of meat that shoppers can find in grocery stores, “but on a higher quality, higher level.”

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Laurie Anne’s House of Flowers to open in Delano in late August

WICHITA — A new flower shop is coming to Delano.

Laurie Johnson is opening Laurie Anne’s House of Flowers in about 3,000 square feet at 1812 W. Douglas.

“It’s a beautiful building inside,” she says.

Johnson says it’s as if whoever designed the building did it with her in mind.

“I like just the choices they made.”

There’s a good-size workroom in addition to a retail area.

Carl Hebert with InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

Johnson already is selling flowers online. Her store will open Aug. 31 and will carry fresh and silk flowers, wreaths and small gifts.

“I have all kinds of little things,” she says.

Johnson has previous experience as a wedding planner and hopes to offer those services in addition to flowers for weddings.

“I’ll take it as far as I can go with it, really.”