Gorges Motor Co. used cars now at the Gorges & Co. Volvo lot

WICHITA — If you’ve visited the Gorges & Co. Volvo dealership near K-96 and Webb Road in the past few days and thought it looks a little more full than normal, it’s not your imagination.

Scott Gorges says he’s moved all of the used cars from Gorges Motor Co. at 2648 S. Oliver to the Volvo lot.

“We just decided that the time had come to make the transition (and) close our South Oliver store,” he says.

“It just made sense. The neighborhood’s been changing down there a long time.”

Gorges says there are fewer and fewer retail outlets in what had once been a bustling area.

“We felt like we just wanted to focus on our Volvo store and focus on growing out here,” he says. “It just became so much better out here.”

His grandfather, Fred, founded the Volvo franchise in 1957 at 1958 N. Broadway. He opened a used-car lot on South Oliver three years later.

“We’ve always been a big used-car dealer,” Scott Gorges says. “We’re going to continue to sell all makes and models.”

Gorges says his father, Mark, always knew he wanted to be in a growing part of Wichita.

“My dad bought this property out here,” Gorges says of the North Webb dealership, which opened in 1997.

The location has been successful, he says.

“Up here it’s really good.”

The dealership has a 15,000-square-foot building on 2 1/2 acres.

For now, the Gorges administrative offices are going to remain on South Oliver, but they’ll move in a couple of months.

There are two buildings with a total of 22,000 square feet on that almost 3-acre property, and Gorges says he’s open to selling or leasing the space.

Don Ablah of Classic Real Estate is helping with the real estate.

After that, it will be the end of one era for the Gorges family, Scott Gorges says.

“We’ll wind down and eventually retire the Gorges Motor Co.”