New Earth Journey to locate in Old Town

UPDATED — Candace Craw-Goldman had what she calls “a profound spiritual experience” six years ago that led to her starting New Earth Journey to help others. Now, she’s going to be doing that from a new office a few doors east of Larkspur in Old Town.

“In a general sense, I’m a metaphysical consultant,” Craw-Goldman says. “I help people understand how their consciousness affects every aspect of their life, including health, relationships, work – all of that.”

She follows the teachings of Arkansas-based Dolores Cannon, who is well known in the hypnotherapy world.

Craw-Goldman says she had a session with Cannon and took a class from her, and they immediately changed her life.

“I began practicing the method that she teaches almost immediately and put everything else in my world aside,” she says.

Craw-Goldman has a master’s degree in painting from Wichita State University. She now is managing director of a support forum for practitioners of Cannon’s method and practices the method herself. She also has a local meet-up group, though she hasn’t been hosting many meetings lately due to a lack of space.

Brent Madison and Bree Kelley of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for her new loft space at 914 E. Douglas.

“Now I have a place,” Craw-Goldman says. “This is great.”