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You don’t say

“They’ve not stuck by the agreement.”

– Spokeswoman Jeannine Koranda on how the state has reseized the assets of four Taco Tico restaurants because owner Mahmood Karim hasn’t followed a payment plan for paying back taxes, and it has closed and seized the assets of his Taco Tinga restaurant as well

Property owner Jeff Greenberg confirms state is considering leasing his building

WICHITA — Property owner and Wichita broker Jeff Greenberg confirms the state is considering leasing his 100,000-square-foot building near East 47th Street South and South Oliver, but he says the potential deal has nothing to do with a payback for supporting the governor or anyone else.

“It’s not political,” he says.

Since Have You Heard? reported that the state of Kansas has notified the city of Wichita that it’s leaving the Finney State Office Building downtown, Rep. Jim Ward (D-Wichita) has raised concerns that the search for new space might be politically motivated. He says he’s also worried that clients – particularly at the Department for Children and Families – won’t have easy access to services if the state moves.

Greenberg wants to address both of those points.

“The biggest thing … is allegations of political payback,” he says.

Greenberg says he’s registered as a Republican but only so he can vote in primaries.

“I’ve never been able to pigeonhole myself,” he says. “I’m not political. I’m not an activist.”

Greenberg says he hasn’t made a political contribution to Gov. Sam Brownback or anyone else in at least a decade or more.

He says a broker with J.P. Weigand & Sons brought him the possible deal.

“This was a natural,” Greenberg says of his space.

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Baskin-Robbins stores to reopen shortly

WICHITA — Former Chattanooga, Tenn., residents Geoffrey and Candice Lee are going to be the new operators of the two Wichita Baskin-Robbins stores.

“We’re certainly wanting everyone to come in and give it a shot and to try us,” Geoffrey Lee says.

He and his wife are former teachers, but they wanted to find something they could own and do together. Candice Lee worked for a Baskin-Robbins in college.

They’re freshening up the two former Baskin-Robbins stores here, which closed in late 2012 and early 2013. Geoffrey Lee says he and his wife plan to get involved with the community through the store.

He says they hope to have the store near 21st and Webb Road open by July 20 and the west-side store near 21st and Maize Road open a couple of weeks after that.

“We’re going to try to do it as quickly as possible.”