Valley Center’s Midwest Dance Mechanix to move to Wichita and expand

UPDATED — The 3-year-old Midwest Dance Mechanix in Valley Center has grown so much – from 35 students to about 175 – it’s out of space.

Owner Jana Owen looked for new space in Valley Center but didn’t find any, so she’s instead moving to 3805 N. Hydraulic in Wichita. That’s the northwest corner of 37th and Hydraulic. She says it’s only 10 minutes from where she is now, “which is important to me to not alienate … the people who we started our business with.”

The business is growing from two studios in 2,300 square feet to three studios in more than 4,500 square feet.

“It’s got some real benefits to it,” Owen says of the building. She says it’s safe and quiet, and “it just has a real presence about it.”

Owen says she’ll be able to add more classes so students can practice more and, she hopes, go on to become professional dancers.

That’s “the ultimate goal for us,” she says.

“It’s just really kind of coming to the culmination of what I’ve always wanted for the kids.”

Nathan Farha and Troy Farha of NAI Martens handled the deal for the space.

Owen and other teachers, including Dance Moms” judge Cheryl Priess-Dickey, teach ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop, contemporary and lyrical dance.

Though she feels like the move to the new space on Aug. 12 will be a good one, Owen says, “Of course, anytime you change anything, it’s very scary.”

She says she’s especially gratified to have the support of her former instructors, Stan Rogers and Sharon Rogers, who teach at Friends University. Stan Rogers is teaching for Owen this summer.

“I grew up under Stan and Sharon Rogers, so to have their support and input, and to have someone like Sharon Rogers tell me I’m doing a good job is one of the most rewarding things.”