Jill Landrith School of Dance to open in Delano

WICHITA — Longtime dance instructor Jill Landrith is reopening a dance studio, this time in Delano.

Wichita dancers know Landrith from Wichita Children’s Theatre & Dance Center and from when she owned the Nancy Hervey School of Ballet from 2004 to 2009.

They also know her mother, June Landrith, who founded the Metropolitan Ballet of Wichita, taught here and then moved to Topeka and opened a ballet school. Jill Landrith says her mother had hoped she might take over her business.

“If she were in town, absolutely no question. I would have jumped happily into her place,” she says. “My official line to her is, ‘There really isn’t a QuikTrip in Topeka.’”

There is in Delano, though, where Landrith will open Jill Landrith School of Dance at 1600 W. Douglas across from the Wichita Fish Co.

Since losing her sublease at her former school, Landrith has been at Children’s Theatre.

“They’re absolutely wonderful,” she says. Landrith wants to work with students more as they progress through their training, though.

“I’d like to have more of a customized training plan for the dancers,” she says. “I find that nowadays dancers need to be so well rounded.”

She and other instructors will teach ballet, tap, jazz, modern dance, lyrical dance and yoga.

Landrith moved to New York to study dancing at age 17 and has performed internationally. She says even while on stage, though, she was always thinking about the logistics and financing for productions.

“I was a little more interested in that,” she says.

Landrith says she likes the mechanics of training dancers.

“It’s the discipline of dancing that I find so beneficial.”

She’s been thinking of reopening a school for a while.

“Every time I drive by a building that has a sign on it … I’ve looked at it and thought, hmm, could that be?”

Enrollment starts July 29. Classes start Sept. 4. Landrith teaches any age student starting with 4-year-olds.

She says she hesitated using her name for the school but decided it might be better for former students “so that they can more easily find me.”