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You don’t say

“Those guys actually cried because they know the people … and they know the pet as well.”

Rene Steven on employees at the Central and Hillside Spangles where a cocker spaniel named Maggie used to pop by for treats before her recent untimely death

QuikTrip to build two new Generation 3 stores on the south side

WICHITA — QuikTrip is planning two new Generation 3 stores to replace existing ones in south Wichita.

“Unfortunately, a lot of the stores we have in Wichita are the older models,” says spokesman Mike Thornbrugh. “It’s a more mature division.”

The QuikTrip at the southeast corner of Meridian and MacArthur is moving to the northwest corner.

“To do the new Gen 3 the way we want to do it, we can’t do it on the current site, so we’re going across the street,” Thornbrugh says.

The existing store at the intersection has only a few pumps.

“That doesn’t cut it in today’s world for QuikTrip,” Thornbrugh says.

The other new store will replace the one at Harry and Webb.

“That’s what we call a scrape-and-build, meaning we will tear down the existing (store) and build a new store in that location,” Thornbrugh says.

The Tulsa-based chain has 38 stores in the greater Wichita area. Thornbrugh can’t say how many will need to be replaced or when that might happen.

“Honestly, you’ve got to look at them store by store.”

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Taco Town to open in former Taco Tico space near Central and Greenwich

WICHITA — Taco Tico may be gone from the Central and Greenwich area, but Taco Town is moving in to its former space at 11333 E. Central.

Larry and Rosemarie Ross are relocating the restaurant from Scottsbluff, Neb.

Larry Ross says his in-laws opened the business, and he and his wife have been running it for almost two decades.

They’re relocating to Wichita because their daughter, Amber Hehnke, and her family are here.

“I know I’ve got to start all over,” Ross says.

He hopes to open the restaurant by early July, but Ross says he’s encountering more red tape than he thought he would.

“I didn’t realize it was such a hassle,” he says of opening a restaurant in Wichita.

Taco Town will seat about 70.

Don Piros with Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Ross says the restaurant will serve homemade food but no alcohol.

“I believe in my mother-in-law’s philosophy,” Ross says. “If you want a drink, go out to a bar.”

New Beginnings Chiropractic to open at Reflection Ridge Chiropractic

WICHITA — After working for others the last seven years, chiropractor Ashley Thompson is opening her own place.

Her New Beginnings Chiropractic will share space and staff with Reflection Ridge Chiropractic near the northeast corner of 21st and Tyler.

“I specialize in pregnant women and kids,” Thompson says.

That includes babies, she says.

Babies need chiropractic care?

“You’d be surprised,” Thompson says.

She says she’s able to help them overcome colic, acid reflux and recurrent ear infections.

Thompson treats patients of all ages, though.

“I just have a particular passion for pregnant women and kids,” she says. “I’m a mom myself. I have young kids, so I know what it’s like.”

Her children are 2 and 3 1/2 years old.

“That’s why I held off on opening my own business for a while.”

New Beginnings opens June 3.

“I love it,” Thompson says. “My favorite part of my job is getting to meet a new baby after I’ve worked with their mom during their pregnancy.”