Big E’s Vapor Room to open on South Rock

WICHITA — Eldon Simmons dropped a bad habit which in turn gave him an idea to start a new business.

“My fiance has been on my butt to quit smoking,” says Simmons, who is a service manager at a truck stop.

He decided to try electronic cigarettes and says he was able to quit real ones two days later. He says he introduced them to friends who had the same success.

“So far, it’s a 100 percent success ratio,” Simmons says. “It’s amazing is what it is.”

So he’s decided to open Big E’s Vapor Room, which will be similar to a cigar lounge except customers will smoke electronic cigarettes.

In the next couple of weeks, Simmons and his business partner, Knucklehead Leather co-owner Sherri Meyer, will open in 830 square feet at 946 S. Rock Road. That’s just south of Lincoln on the east side of Rock Road.

“If this thing blows up like I think it will, I’m going to expand,” Simmons says.

He’ll offer coffee, soft drinks, WiFi and TV at first but hopes to add food and liquor later.

“I think it’ll turn into that.”

Big E’s will have 300 flavors of cigarettes including some unexpected ones, such as Red Bull and strawberry sundae.

“You name it, there’s a flavor for it,” Simmons says.

He’ll offer cigarettes with four levels of nicotine, from none to 36 milligrams.

Simmons says typical cigarettes have 24 milligrams of nicotine.

He’s planning a trip to Tulsa to check out Vapor Kings, which Simmons says is a popular electronic cigarette lounge he hopes to model his place after.

“It’s pretty cool stuff what’s happening with it.”