Ian Lindstrom starts BevIntel franchise to help bars and restaurants count drinks

WICHITA — There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but Ian Lindstrom says there is plenty of free booze flowing in Wichita, and he can help bar and restaurant owners stop it.

Lindstrom has purchased the BevIntel franchise for the Wichita territory.

“We help bars and restaurants manage their inventory and their sales better,” he says. “There’s a lot of potential profits there that they don’t even know they’re missing out on.”

Through weekly audits, Lindstrom says he can count inventory and use scales to measure bottles and kegs.

“We count every one of them,” he says. “I can see when they’re pouring a little heavy handed.”

He says he can show how much was sold versus how much is gone.

“I even account for comp drinks and spills that are approved by management. I’m able to generate reports that show how the bar performed.”

The Toronto-based franchise has been featured on the television show “Bar Rescue.”

Lindstrom says most businesses are in the same boat on alcohol profit loss.

“They have about 20 percent losses that they don’t even know that they’re missing,” he says.

Lindstrom also works at his family’s Cartridge World stores.

“This is kind of my departure, my first business out on my own,” he says of BevIntel. “I’m trying to grow this so I can focus full time.”

Lindstrom says his reports are effective only if done weekly.

“It is beneficial to both the bar owner and the bar staff as well.”

He says it could affect a bartender’s tips because if they over pour, a customer may not buy as many drinks.

“Overall sales go up,” Lindstrom says of using the system. “It kind of turns out to be a good thing for everybody.”

He says he spoke with a lot of business owners in Wichita before buying the franchise.

“So far I haven’t met anybody that’s said that it wasn’t a good idea.”