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You don’t say

“I got the silver spoon, and Wichita got an art museum.”

Wichita Art Museum guest speaker Sally Pemberton quoting her grandfather, former Kansan and the New Yorker’s first art critic Murdock Pemberton. He thought his uncle Roland Murdock’s fortune might go to him, but the family used it to start the museum.

Ian Lindstrom starts BevIntel franchise to help bars and restaurants count drinks

WICHITA — There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but Ian Lindstrom says there is plenty of free booze flowing in Wichita, and he can help bar and restaurant owners stop it.

Lindstrom has purchased the BevIntel franchise for the Wichita territory.

“We help bars and restaurants manage their inventory and their sales better,” he says. “There’s a lot of potential profits there that they don’t even know they’re missing out on.”

Through weekly audits, Lindstrom says he can count inventory and use scales to measure bottles and kegs.

“We count every one of them,” he says. “I can see when they’re pouring a little heavy handed.”

He says he can show how much was sold versus how much is gone.

“I even account for comp drinks and spills that are approved by management. I’m able to generate reports that show how the bar performed.”

The Toronto-based franchise has been featured on the television show “Bar Rescue.”

Lindstrom says most businesses are in the same boat on alcohol profit loss.

“They have about 20 percent losses that they don’t even know that they’re missing,” he says.

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Loft to open this fall at Bradley Fair

WICHITA — Finally, Bradley Fair can reveal the reason behind its game of musical chairs, business style.

Loft is coming to the center at 21st and Rock Road this fall.

“We have been working with them for quite some time,” says Cathy Erickson, vice president at Laham Development.

“It’s been one of our most-requested stores,” she says. “We do listen, and we do appreciate when our customers give us their … input on what stores and restaurants they would like for us to have at Bradley Fair.”

Formerly known as Ann Taylor Loft, the women’s clothing store is something of a hipper younger sister to Ann Taylor. There are 500 of the stores nationwide.

The store will locate between Talbots and Bella Luna Cafe where Randy Cooper’s Fine Jewelry and College Hill Cleaners are vacating.

Randy Cooper’s is moving to where Howard’s Optique used to be. Howard’s moved from its freestanding space to new space between Sephora and Jason’s Deli in the first round of moves to prepare for Loft.

College Hill Cleaners is moving to where Origins used to be.

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Elite Sports Chiropractic to move to Wichita Sluggers Academy near 13th and Ridge

WICHITA — Elite Sports Chiropractic is moving to where there are plenty of sports.

Jon Messenger is leaving the Westlake center at 119th and Maple to move to within the Wichita Sluggers Academy near 13th and Ridge.

“There’s a lot of sports stuff right there at that corner, and plus it centralizes me a little bit,” Messenger says.

“I primarily treat sports injuries,” he says.

Messenger says he specializes in a couple of techniques — active-release technique and graston — and focuses mostly on muscle and tendon injuries.

In addition to Sluggers, Messenger says there are baseball and soccer fields in the area along with Sedgwick County Park, among other things.

Elite Sports has been open for three years and been in Westlake the entire time.

Messenger expects to move in the next month.

He says he thinks the new location will be convenient for the numerous patients he has who come from the east side, Andover and Derby.

“It just makes it a little bit easier for everybody.”