Wichita Habitat for Humanity moving to Inter-Faith Ministries building

WICHITA — Wichita Habitat for Humanity is getting a new habitat of its own.

The nonprofit is moving into the building that Inter-Faith Ministries owns at 829 N. Market.

“We’ll be in business there on July 1,” says Habitat executive director Ann Fox.

“We’ll have our own entrance,” she says.

Habitat’s address will be 130 E. Murdock since its entrance is on that street.

“That’s important to us that we have our own identity in that building,” Fox says.

She also likes that it’s close to residential areas.

“So it’s more comfortable and accessible for families that we serve.”

Currently, Habitat is at 420 E. English just east of Intrust Bank Arena. Habitat’s lease is up.

Fox says that building has been great, but she says, “As a conscientious not-for-profit, you always look for what is out there.”

The Inter-Faith lease is at a good price, Fox says.

“That becomes a nice benefit for us,” she says. “This is a very economic decision for us.”

At the new space, Habitat will have 2,200 square feet for its offices and another 2,200 square feet of common area that it will share with other tenants.

Carl Hebert of InSite Real Estate Group handled the deal.

“He is just incredible,” Fox says. She says Hebert “made our decision making easy.”

Habitat will be moving on June 28 and then be open in the new space on July 1.

“They’re a fabulous tenant,” says Anne Corriston, executive director of Inter-Faith Ministries. “I think it’s a good match for us because … they’re an organization that works to help families have a permanent home, and we work with people who have been homeless and help them to find permanent housing.”

Inter-Faith Ministries has three apartment buildings called the Villas that it runs across from its offices.

“We’re hopeful that some of our families … can at least pursue the process of having a home through Habitat,” Corriston says.

The Inter-Faith Ministries building originally was home to the Berry Cos. and then Barry Downing’s Corporate Lodging Consultants offices.

“It is a very beautiful building,” Corriston says. There’s a courtyard off the kitchen, and the building is set in a natural surrounding.

“It’s not your typical office building” Corriston says. “If we had designed it, it probably would have just been concrete blocks.”

She says she’s glad it didn’t work out that way and that Inter-Faith Ministries is — and Habitat will be — in a natural setting.

“That’s really good for who we are,” Corriston says. “We’re about trying to build peace in our community, and so having this natural beauty and being so close to it helps us do that.”