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You don’t say

“I jokingly tell people it takes a staff of 3 over four weeks to plant and pull up the bulbs and it only takes 15 minutes to give them all away.”

— An e-mail from the Garvey Center’s Larry Weber on the center’s “Great Annual Tulip Give Away” of more than 15,000 tulip bulbs to tenants

Costco deal for more than 17 acres at Beechcraft property is getting closer

UPDATED — Anyone who’s ever done a real estate deal knows it almost always takes longer than expected, and it’s no different with Costco’s potential purchase of Beechcraft property.

It was about this time last year that Have You Heard? first reported that the Issaquah, Wash.-based chain, a competitor to Sam’s Club, was looking to come to Wichita.

In August, sources said Costco was interested in the northeast corner of Kellogg and Webb Road, which was Hawker Beechcraft property.

When the aircraft company changed its name to simply Beechcraft earlier this year and changed all its signs, spokeswoman Nicole Alexander said it didn’t put one back up on the corner since the property is for sale.

No one with Beechcraft or Costco is talking yet, but here’s the latest on the potential deal:

Costco has about 17 1/2 acres under contract. The deal isn’t likely to close until later this year. That’s substantially further out than initial time lines suggested. It looks like part of the holdup was the Hawker bankruptcy filing. There were some questions related to environmental issues at the plant as well.

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Midwest Hearing Aids to move two offices

WICHITA — Midwest Hearing Aids owner Terry Brewster is on the move again by partnering on two new locations with ophthalmologists.

“We’re trying to really put ears and eyes together,” he says. “It’s all about co-branding.”

Brewster says years ago it used to be that optical shops also sold hearing aids because people who needed hearing aids often needed glasses, too.

“Everything comes back full circle,” he says.

Brewster is moving his Newton shop to 1715 Medical Parkway in the same area that William Beck has his ophthalmology clinic.

“We have worked very hard, but we finally got a lease,” he says. “We’ve been working on Newton forever. . . . We’re real close to moving in.”

Brewster also is moving his office at 21st and Woodlawn to the Grene Vision Group office at 1851 N. Webb Road.

“It’s where the main Grene Vision Group offices are at,” he says. “I’m going to try to co-brand with Dr. (Mark) Wellemeyer.”

Wellemeyer says that the patient demographic for both groups is similar so there are benefits for both.

Brewster expects to make that move in early July.

There are 37 Midwest Hearing Aids sites in Kansas, and Brewster says two more are in the works. Look for news on those in the coming months.



Casual Male XL to expand at Eastgate Plaza and convert to Destination XL brand

WICHITA — The Casual Male XL store at Eastgate Plaza is going to undergo an expansion and rebranding in the coming months.

The move is part of a national expansion for the Massachusetts-based Destination XL Group.

The company’s new stores, including the one in Wichita, will be called Destination XL. They’ll offer expanded sizes and brands — more than 100 in all — along with wider aisles and bigger dressing rooms.

Currently, the Eastgate Casual Male is in about 3,500 square feet at the east end of the center in a free-standing building. It will expand to about 7,000 square feet. While renovation is under way, the shop will temporarily move to between Kirkland’s and Dress Barn within Eastgate.

Andy Boyd of Walter Morris Cos. helped with the deal.

The new store should be ready in early 2014.