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Tim Pett, director of WSU’s Center for Entrepreneurship, placed on leave

WICHITA — Wichita State University’s director of the Center for Entrepreneurship has been placed on administrative leave.

Tim Pett, who also is a professor and the W. Frank Barton Distinguished Chair, couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Keith Pickus, WSU’s interim provost and a history professor, confirms Pett’s leave.

“I can’t talk about it,” he says. “I can confirm that he has been placed on administrative leave. Nothing else.”

Pickus won’t say when Pett was put on leave or give any other details.

“It’s a personnel matter. I can’t talk about it.”

Pickus says no one is in the director’s position.

“Not at the moment.”

Wichita couple’s children inspire them to design shoes and start Ten Tiny Toes

Shania Moore, now 2, inspired her parents, Katie Clark and Maurice Moore, to start Ten Tiny Toes.

WICHITA — The shoe business might not seem likely for someone with an IT or health sciences background, but it’s a natural for Katie Clark and her fiance, Maurice Moore.

The birth of their children – Shania is 2 and Victor is six months – inspired them to start Ten Tiny Toes to sell shoes for children.

“We had babies, and we noticed that there’s a lot of issues with shoes,” Clark says.

Shania suffered blisters from her shoes.

“They didn’t fit properly,” Clark says. “She’d always take them off.”

Clark and Moore started designing what they hoped would be better shoes.

“The big thing that was our overall concern was how they fit her.”

Clark, who recently graduated from Wichita State University with a health sciences degree, began contacting pediatric podiatrists and doing research about shoes.

“Well, my background, you do a lot of research,” she says. “That’s what my degree mainly focuses on.”

Ten Tiny Toes is now Clark’s full-time job. The company’s office and warehouse are on the northeast side.

Moore is a Kansas State University graduate and is getting his MBA while working in contracting.

Clark says they’ve been working on children’s shoes for two years.

“They’re better than we imagined you could come up with really,” she says. “Now we’re happy with them so we thought we should start sharing.”

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You don’t say

“We kind of laughed about the fact that we’re going to be as shocked as everyone else is. They could be setting them on fire for all we know.”

Beth Tully of Cocoa Dolce Artisan Chocolates on the Shocker-themed chocolates and other products that she and WSU gave to “Mike & Mike” to use on the ESPN 2 show Friday

Jared Sprole’s Arcady Capital to lease space from Bud Gates at the Polo Club Office Park

WICHITA — When Bud Gates last week told Have You Heard? he was moving his Easygates office to the Polo Club Office Park near 13th and Rock Road, he said he would have enough room to lease to a tenant as well.

It turns out that Jared Sprole and his Arcady Capital will be taking that space.

Currently, the private equity group is in a small office at the Remington Place Executive Park on 21st Street between Webb and Greenwich.

“We’ve really grown out of that space,” Sprole says of his more than 2-year-old company.

He says he’ll use 910 square feet of Gates’ new space, which will allow the company office and conference space and room to grow.

Arcady also has an Overland Park office where Sprole’s partner, Ron Stier, works.

Sprole says he thinks the new Wichita office will be enough room for the company for the next two or three years.

“This fits the bill.”