Paradise Donuts and Coffeehouse to open in former Wonder Bread space

UPDATED — A second helping of Paradise is coming to the west side.

Marilyn and Hervey Wright III are opening Paradise Donuts and Coffeehouse near Maple and Maize, which will be the second Paradise Donuts on the west side.

Steve Trask opened one at 3107 W. Central in 2010.

The Tulsa-based Paradise Donuts offers licensing agreements for an area of three to five miles.

“We just have had this in the back of our minds, and the timing seemed to be right,” says Marilyn Wright, who used to work in accounting at Koch Industries.

Hervey Wright was in administration at Friends University for 20 years.

Marilyn Wright says they both grew up loving doughnuts.

Her mother made homemade bread and doughnuts with an inspiring effect.

“Hers were so good that people came to church on Sundays when she provided the fellowship refreshments.”

A young Hervey Wright, who was known as Billy back then, used to perch on a stool to watch his grandmother create cake doughnuts. He once wrote his name on her doughnut recipe card.

“And the doughnuts were forever called ‘Billy Doughnuts,’” Marilyn Wright says.

She says they chose the Paradise affiliation because the brand allows them the flexibility to do their own menu and store design.

The store will be in 3,000 square feet at 10607 W. Maple, which previously was a Wonder Bread store.

“We want to go with a coffeehouse feel … and provide the opportunity for customers to linger,” Marilyn Wright says.

There will be free WiFi and seating for about 24 to 30 people depending on how they arrange the shop.

Marilyn Wright says research she and her husband have done has shown that “doughnuts aren’t just for breakfast anymore.”

Because people enjoy premium coffee throughout the day, doughnuts have become an all-day treat, she says.

Patrick Ritchie and Doug Malone of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal.

Wright says she expects the shop to be ready by mid-to-late summer.

Paradise Donuts will open around 5 a.m., but Wright says she’s not sure how late it will stay open.

“We haven’t quite pinned that down,” she says. “We’re still researching what west Wichita will be interested in.”