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Associated Integrated Marketing CEO Bill Fialka is out as agency eliminates position

WICHITA — Most people probably didn’t notice when Bill Fialka took over as CEO at Associated Integrated Marketing – and that’s how he liked it – but now he’s gone.

“The position was eliminated,” says Shawn Steward, vice president of client service and public relations.

He won’t say if Fialka was fired.

“I’ll let people draw their own conclusions on that.”

Fialka didn’t immediately return a call for comment.

Steward says the agency is restructuring. He and three other vice presidents will manage the company. They include Dave Stewart, vice president and executive creative director, Luke Gutschenritter, vice president and group account director, and Kim Weprin, vice president  of finance and human resources.

“This is not a financial decision,” Steward says. “This was a proactive decision to better allow us to operate more efficiently.”

He says, “We essentially saw a lot of duplication of effort at the management level. We felt that by eliminating the CEO level of the agency … we’re just getting the management closer to the client level and just streamlining across the board.”

Steward says the agency’s board of directors made the decision.

Fialka has been CEO since January 2010. He followed much more high-profile CEOs, including Mike Snyder and Bruce Rowley most recently. Fialka, though, deliberately avoided media and other attention.

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You don’t say

“We’re giving him those tools to support his family.”

Grasshopper Co. spokesman Trent Guyer on the Moundridge company making Fox & Friends on Friday for giving a wounded Florida veteran a zero-turn mower to start a lawn care business

Platinum Salon Spa & Boutique and Salon Bella to merge on west side; Color Bar Salon to open in Clifton Square

WICHITA — There’s news with a few salons and stylists in the greater Wichita area.

First, Platinum Salon Spa & Boutique and Salon Bella are merging.

Susan Wardle and Tammy Kudlock are moving their Salon Bella from 119th and Maple to Tambra Hiser’s Platinum Salon at the northeast corner of 13th and Maize Road on Tuesday.

“I wanted to grow, and I don’t want to do it … one by one where it takes months,” Hiser says. “I came up with this innovative idea.”

She actively sought other salon partners by cold calling a few.

“Basically I decided to knock on some doors,” Hiser says. “I wanted to see what salon owners were faced with, some challenges.”

She and Wardle and Kudlock thought they would be a good fit and be able to offer complementary services. Hiser says they decided, “Wouldn’t it be genius to mix these two staffs together?”

She says education is a big focus for both salons.

There will be 11 stylists who will share nine stations.

In addition to hair services, there will be facials, nail care, massage and body wraps among other things.

Hiser says the trend lately has been for stylists to branch out on their own, but she says she and Wardle and Kudlock see benefits to combining their services in one place and under the Platinum name.

“Adding two heads is better than one,” Hiser says. It’s “going to be incredible.”

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Newest Young Rembrandts site to be at Artist Central

WICHITA — Think your child is a Rembrandt in the making?

Carla Calvert is going to cater to young artists with a new Young Rembrandts location.

The Chicago-based international franchise offers step-by-step drawing lessons for preschool and elementary school children.

“We’re really designed for after-school programming,” Calvert says.

She offers classes at the Maize Recreation Center, the Goddard Community Center, the Church of the Holy Spirit and is adding a location at Jo ZakasArtist Central at 5014 E. Central next month. That’s on the north side of Central between Oliver and Edgemoor.

Calvert says her instructors are “art enthusiasts, educators and enjoy working with children.”

Young Rembrandts is designed to, among other things, help children become better observers while developing motor skills and increasing their confidence.

In May and throughout summer, Calvert will offer one-hour classes Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.