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You don’t say

“I’m the mayor of all vices. If you have a vice, call me.”

Wichita City Council member Pete Meitzner on becoming vice mayor.

Mattress Hub founders start second company, Furniture Hub, to sell furniture

WICHITA — In case opening more than 20 stores in four years isn’t enough to keep them busy, Mattress Hub founders Ryan Baty and Mark Barrientos are starting a second company.

“Basically what we’re trying to do is expand on the Hub brand,” Baty says of starting Furniture Hub.

“We’ve always been intrigued by the furniture business,” he says. “We see a lot of potential and a lot of opportunity.”

Furniture lines will include Lane, Bassett and England.

“You’re going to see brands that are very familiar,” Baty says.

He says he and Barrientos envision branding Furniture Hub in the same way they’ve marketed the Mattress Hub in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri.

“We’re really going to try to own the media in every market we go to,” he says of advertising penetration.

He says customer service, which now includes educating customers on mattresses, will continue to be a focus.

“We try to take it to a whole other level,” Baty says. “We see opportunity in selective markets to where we can come in and bring the same type of approach.”

They’re looking at some markets that have Mattress Hubs and some that don’t.

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Immigration and Customs Enforcement office to have holding cells

WICHITA — Some people have expressed concerns about the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office moving to 555 N. Woodlawn from its current space at the 271 Building downtown at 271 W. Third St.

Concerns are related to what has erroneously been labeled a detention center there.

According to ICE spokesman Shawn Neudauer, there will be four temporary holding cells that will be designed to hold illegal immigrants as they are processed for deportation. There will be no beds for overnight stays. Most often, the stays are a couple of hours, Neudauer said through an e-mail.

After getting processed, the detainees will then be transferred to county jails.

Most of the ICE office will be used for office space, Neudauer said.

Landlord Jeff Greenberg says he was talking to some ICE representatives about the move earlier this week.

“They said that the best way to describe what they do is that they’re a travel agency,” Greenberg says with a laugh. “They investigate, find the customer and send them on their way.”