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You don’t say

“I got a jake turkey for $198. This is a scam!”

– Gov. Sam Brownback telling Rotary members Monday how he paid a fine this month after his annual turkey hunt when he shot two birds but only had a permit for one

Partying like a rock star — in Wichita

Wally Reyes Jr., post workout at the Ambassador Hotel, partying with Anchor owner Schane Gross.

WICHITA — Percussionist Walfredo Reyes Jr., who is on tour with Chicago, had just finished a workout in the Ambassador Hotel’s gym Sunday night when he encountered Anchor owner Schane Gross in the elevator on his way back to his room on the 12th floor.

Before he knew it, he was partying with a bunch of chefs and food service vendors celebrating their first Funday in the Rock Star Suite.

Funday is a Kansas City tradition that Siena Tuscan Steakhouse chef Marshall Roth is now instituting at the Ambassador where chefs gather to cook and hang out together on Sundays. The first one included Wichita chefs and several from Kansas City.

Reyes, who goes by Wally, fit right in as he fielded questions about his time in Wichita on the band’s way to Salina’s Stiefel Theatre Monday.

So why wasn’t he or anyone else in the band already staying in the Rock Star Suite?

“Too many expenses,” he says.

The Cuba native is known around the world for his drumming and has toured with a number of acts, such as Santana and Steve Winwood.

“I travel all around the world like I’m hopping in a cab,” Reyes says.

Still, he was impressed with Wichita.

He stopped into A Legacy Antique Mall around the corner from the Ambassador.

“I transported myself to the ’60s,” he says of checking out records.

He also popped over to Mead’s Corner for a small latte with a double shot of espresso.

“And you know what?” Reyes says. “They know how to make it. Starbucks doesn’t.”

Reyes, who currently lives north of Los Angeles, particularly liked Old Town even though not much was open Sunday morning as he walked around.

“I have a fetish with brick or something,” he says. “It kind of … talks to you.”

He says that’s one reason he likes New Orleans so much, and now Old Town is on his list, too.

“I love the vibe.”

Reyes says he can imagine the area continuing to grow and prosper even more.

“In, like, two or three years, I’ll be back to rock and party.”

Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria to debut Hopperoni Express food truck

WICHITA — Just as some food trucks in Wichita begin to establish permanent locations, some restaurants are expanding with food truck service.

The latest is the Wichita Brewing Co. & Pizzeria, which will debut the Hopperoni Express in about a month.

“We’ve kind of become good friends with the Flying Stove guys,” co-owner Jeremy Horn says of the popular food truck. “Basically their success has kind of inspired us … to utilize that option as a growth plan.”

Horn says the truck will make lunchtime stops around the city.

“We want to hit basically the whole city.”

Initially, the truck will serve five types of pizzas at a time, rotating among the restaurant’s signature styles. The pizzas will be 10 inches instead of the restaurant’s standard 12-inch pizzas.

“We want to keep it sort of simple,” Horn says.

The truck also will go to events around the city. Horn says he’s still researching options.

“We want the thing running as much as possible.”