Koch Industries makes its own Tea Party joke through a Gridiron ad

WICHITA — Koch Industries isn’t particularly known for its sense of humor or ability to get along with journalists, but the company had the last laugh with its ad in this year’s Gridiron program.

Gridiron is an annual show spoofing current events that the Society of Professional Journalists puts on to raise scholarship money. In fact, Koch occasionally is the subject of said spoofing.

The theme of last weekend’s show was “Fifty Shades of Gridiron.”

The Koch ad, which was on the back page of the program, was headlined “Fifty Shades of Earl Grey” and showed a large teacup with a teabag in it, making light of Koch’s alleged Tea Party ties.

“Wait…so this isn’t a Tea Party meeting?” the copy says.

In smaller print, it says, “Koch Industries allegedly supports Gridiron with secretive dark money.”

Koch spokeswoman Melissa Cohlmia says response has been great – particularly from journalists.

“People have seen, look, we do kind of laugh,” she says.

“We have a sense of humor.”