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You don’t say

“I want to know where this blogger lives and take a look at their closet.”

– Former Eagle fashion writer Bonnie Bing on the real estate blog Movoto recently naming Wichita the worst-dressed city nationally

Home Instead Senior Care expands

WICHITA — The 2-year-old Home Instead Senior Care is expanding.

“We’re basically living on top of each other,” says Michael Steinberg, who owns the business with his wife, Ewelina.

“I have an employee whose desk is in the break room.”

When the Steinbergs started the business, they had 20 employees in the field providing meal preparation, light housekeeping, transportation, errand running, assistance with personal care and companionship for seniors.

Now, there are 80 employees in the field and six at the office in about 1,300 square feet at 1919 N. Amidon. The Steinbergs are expanding into another 1,100 square feet next door.

“This will be enough space for probably the next two or three years,” Michael Steinberg says.

That may solve his space issue, but he still has another problem.

The Steinbergs moved here from Chicago, and Michael Steinberg told his wife the winter weather wouldn’t be bad.

“I was pretty sure we were done this time,” he says of wintery conditions.

Then came the April ice.

“I am in pretty big trouble with my wife.”

Chicken Poop founder opening new headquarters, salon and event space

Chicken Poop founder Jamie Tabor Schmidt (right) is moving her business to a new 7,000-square-foot building at 611 S. St. Francis that she also plans to use for events and as gallery space. At left is Schmidt’s brother-in-law and director of operations, Michael Schmidt. Also pictured is Jamie Tabor Schmidt’s 4-year-old son, West.

UPDATED — Chicken Poop lip balm founder Jamie Tabor Schmidt is moving her business from the Fisch Haus to a 7,000-square-foot building that she and her husband, Eric Schmidt, bought at 611 S. St. Francis.

“It’s just a really great space,” Jamie Tabor Schmidt says. “We’re renovating it right now. … It’s a big project – bigger than I imagined.”

In addition to being what Schmidt calls the Chicken Poop World Headquarters, the new building will house an art gallery and event space that she is calling Ffarquhar.

“It was Eric’s grandma’s dog,” she says. Schmidt chose the spelling.

“I had to make it as weird as possible, you know.”

Schmidt says the new building offers several advantages over the Fisch Haus space on Commerce Street. Her business is on the second floor there, so she says the new space will be easier logistically.

“It’ll just be easier to ship stuff.”

Also, Schmidt says a lot of people want to rent event space at the Fisch Haus, but since there are several owners, there are more layers to go through for scheduling. That will change with Ffarquhar.

Eric Schmidt, an artist and inventor, also will use the space for his work.

In addition to the main building, there’s an 800-square-foot building on the property where Jamie Tabor Schmidt is opening a second business.

“I’m ready to open up a salon again,” she says.

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Despite the appearance of a real estate sign, the Hill Bar and Grill is still opening

WICHITA — About a month ago, Have You Heard? reported that the Hill Bar and Grill is still on track to open later this month or in early May, but some people still doubt it.

The reason is a Classic Real Estate sign in the window of the future business in the former Barrier’s space at Douglas and Oliver.

It’s true that the owners are seeking a new tenant, but it’s for an extra 2,200 square feet in the building – not for the Hill’s space.