Bang Bang T-shirt shop to open within Bluebird Arthouse in Delano

WICHITA — An excess of space is leading to another new venture at Bluebird Arthouse.

Owner Emily Brookover already uses the second story above her Delano shop to have an art market once a month, and she uses a wall downstairs for gallery space.

Now, she’s going to use an area near the front of the store to operate Bang Bang, a T-shirt business featuring original art.

“We’re banging out some T-shirts,” Brookover says.

She says she’ll be doing it more economically than Internet sites that help artists create shirts.

“It’s really cool, so I was thinking I could do something (like) that but on a local level,” she says. “We are hopefully going to do it grassroots style.”

Brookover is partnering with Phil Ross and Adam Phillips of Straight Screenprinting to create T-shirts from art.

“So we’re keeping it all local,” she says.

Artists fill out order forms, Straight Screenprinting creates the shirts and then Brookover sells them on consignment through the shop with no financial risk to her.

“I don’t have to be picky as to what I choose,” she says.

She wants to keep prices to $19 or under. Even at that, Brookover says artists can double their money, “which is unheard of.”

Orders can be as small as a dozen shirts, and anyone can submit them.

“One of my goals in opening Bluebird was to support artists,” Brookover says.

“We’re building quite a wonderful little community down here.”