Jack’s North Hi Carryout owner says the business sold for $116,600 at its last auction

WICHITA — Jack’s North Hi Carryout owner Austin Herron and McCurdy Auction auctioneer Megan McCurdy would like to get one thing clear before the April 11 auction of the business.

When Herron bought the business at auction in 2010, it sold for $116,600 – not $106,000 as the previous owner said. It looks like a buyer’s premium or some other real estate fee accounts for the discrepancy.

McCurdy says a lot has changed since the last time the business sold.

“The business is in a different condition today.”

She says there have been improvements to the building and the equipment in it.

“He’s really turned it around,” McCurdy says of Herron.

She says personal reasons are prompting him to sell.

“He’s not leaving for the sake of it not doing well. In fact, he’s got a good demand. I’ve been in there, and it’s been very busy.”