Joe Yager resigns from Regional Economic Area Partnership following sexual e-mail

UPDATED — Joe Yager has resigned as CEO of the Regional Economic Area Partnership.

“REAP appreciates his seven years of service,” says Nancy McCarthy Snyder, director of Wichita State University’s Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Affairs.

The school has a contractual relationship with REAP to provide consultation and staff support.

On Tuesday, Have You Heard? reported that Yager forwarded a release from the state water office to members of REAP’s water committee that contained several lines of a sexual nature amid otherwise mundane news of a forthcoming meeting in Hutchinson. Yager says he accidentally copied and pasted the sex text from a spam e-mail while trying to delete it.

Wednesday, Yager was placed on administrative leave.

McCarthy won’t go into details about his resignation.

“Basically, it’s a personnel issue,” she says. “We’ve resolved the issue and really don’t have any comment.”

Misty Bruckner, associate director of the Center for Urban Studies at the Hugo Wall School, will be the main REAP contact for now.

“She and I will be handling … REAP matters until we get a permanent solution and get permanent staff,” McCarthy says.

Yager couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.