Regional Economic Area Partnership CEO says he inadvertently forwarded sex e-mail

WICHITA — An otherwise routine e-mail about a state water advisory committee meeting in Hutchinson took a sexy – and shocking – turn when Joe Yager forwarded it.

Yager, CEO of the Regional Economic Area Partnership, forwarded a release from the state water office to members of REAP’s water committee. Yager altered the e-mail before he forwarded it, and he says he didn’t realize it until one of the e-mail recipients alerted him.

The beginning of the e-mail starts off normally and immediately gets racy.

“The Kansas Water Office‘s (KWO) I am an athletic person who loves to have sex. I am looking for some discrete sex on the side with either one or more women. I would also be willing to join a couple for some fun, as long as it is for the ladies pleasure. My name says it all, so maybe we can chat.”

The e-mail gets significantly more salacious as it goes until it abruptly returns to news about the Lower Arkansas Basin advisory committee.

“I feel terrible about it,” Yager says. “I don’t know how it happened. I’m concerned over that.”

He speculates that he inadvertently copied and pasted the sex text while trying to delete it.

“I went back, and I looked, and I had a junk e-mail – spam e-mail – that looked like it was from a friend that I opened,” Yager says. “I had two e-mails open, and I don’t know how it inserted language into the other one.”

As he tried to delete the message, Yager said, it somehow copied and pasted instead.

“I just had too many things open on my computer, obviously. … Trying to multitask.”

Yager sent a follow-up e-mail to committee members to apologize and let them know he checked for software viruses.

“I ran my check and it does not appear there is a virus or any other threats to any of our systems, however, I should have been more careful in getting rid of the spam and taken my time in forwarding the email.  Again, my apologies.”

Yager says he doesn’t understand why the e-mail is news, but he says he takes the blame for it.

“It’s obviously my mistake on opening a e-mail.”