Derby Mattress Hub to move to Derby Marketplace and expand

WICHITA — The Derby Mattress Hub is moving to the Derby Marketplace at North Rock Road and Tall Tree Road.

“We just think the growth of Derby is fantastic,” says Ryan Baty, who founded the Wichita company with Mark Barrientos in 2008. “There’s a lot of retail opportunities out of that new development.”

The current store, which licensee Sharon Kinney calls an outlet store, is at 105 S. Baltimore Ave.

The new store, which will open by Memorial Day, will be in 4,000 square feet in front of Target in the same center where Capitol Federal and Cox Communications are.

Kinney likely will still be involved with the new Mattress Hub, but it will now be a corporate store.

“Our goal is we really want to maximize … the mattress business in Derby,” Baty says. “If we brought the corporate store down there with the corporate concept … I think Derby would be better served.”

He says that means a “very upscale, very spacious” store.

“We also have further expansion into Kansas City that’s happening and in southwest Missouri,” Baty says.

There are 21 Mattress Hubs currently, and Baty expects to be at 25 by the end of the second quarter.

He and Barrientos are targeting Kansas City as a particular area of growth.

“Our goal is to be 12 to 14 stores by the end of 2014,” Baty says. “Our overall goal is 35 by the end of 2015.”

His target areas are Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. Baty isn’t sure what his plans are beyond that.

“That analysis can be done once we achieve the short-term goal,” he says.

Baty says for now he wants to concentrate on “mastering customer experience.”

“We try to identify sleep problems,” he says. “That’s our whole mantra. We really want to identify and solve problems.”