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You don’t say

“When people tell you you can’t major in that because you can’t make any money, tell them to shut up.”

– Business consultant Jill Miller, who is teaching a course at Wichita State University this fall on entrepreneurship in the arts

Kim and Stan McIntosh are the new owners of Xenon International Academy

WICHITA — Kim and Stan McIntosh are the new owners of Xenon International Academy in Wichita and St. Louis.

“We’ve been part of the Wichita community for such a long time,” Kim McIntosh says of Xenon, which opened in 1986.

She’s been part of the academy, which trains students in offering salon services, for a long time as well. McIntosh was a member of the school’s fifth graduating class. She helped open the Olathe and St. Louis branches in 2007, and she and her husband became investors in three of the academies with cofounder Bob Peel Jr. in 2000.

McIntosh says Peel wanted to retire. An Omaha-based group now owns the Xenons in Olathe, Omaha, Grand Island, Neb., and Aurora, Colo. Peel is a partner in those schools.

The McIntoshes have a lot of new plans for the academy.

“We want to expand,” Kim McIntosh says. “Honestly, I don’t know where yet. … For sure in Kansas and for sure in Missouri.”

Expansion will begin next year most likely, she says.

“Obviously, we kind of have to get both of our feet on the ground.”

Xenon also now has a study abroad program and online testing, which goes with all of its previous online initiatives, McIntosh says.

She says “absolutely everything” is online now.

“There’s no more paper.”

One of the changes McIntosh says she’s most excited about is the addition of a medical director, Yao Yang of West Wichita Family Physicians.

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