Shorty Small’s working with diner’s club members on charges for closed restaurant

WICHITA — When Shorty Small’s closed over the weekend, management sent an e-mail to members of its diners club to address what would happen with the monthly charges they’re assessed to get discount meals.

For instance, one diner just purchased a membership Feb. 23, the day before the west-side business closed.

Shorty’s president Paul Kreth says he’s reimbursing diners if they recently paid their membership fees.

“We went back and made sure they weren’t being charged again going forward,” he says. “The intent’s to make sure to take care of them.”

Members with questions or concerns can e-mail management at or call 888-419-6754 and press 1 for help.

“Overwhelmingly, the majority of calls … we are getting are people that are sad that we left,” Kreth says.

“It’s with regret and sadness that we actually had to leave Wichita,” he says. “We want to make sure that everybody gets taken care of and that there are no hard feelings.”