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Shorty Small’s working with diner’s club members on charges for closed restaurant

WICHITA — When Shorty Small’s closed over the weekend, management sent an e-mail to members of its diners club to address what would happen with the monthly charges they’re assessed to get discount meals.

For instance, one diner just purchased a membership Feb. 23, the day before the west-side business closed.

Shorty’s president Paul Kreth says he’s reimbursing diners if they recently paid their membership fees.

“We went back and made sure they weren’t being charged again going forward,” he says. “The intent’s to make sure to take care of them.”

Members with questions or concerns can e-mail management at ownersclub@shortysmalls.com or call 888-419-6754 and press 1 for help.

“Overwhelmingly, the majority of calls … we are getting are people that are sad that we left,” Kreth says.

“It’s with regret and sadness that we actually had to leave Wichita,” he says. “We want to make sure that everybody gets taken care of and that there are no hard feelings.”

You don’t say

“I was praying for a snow day, and the manager outprayed me.”

– Mayor Carl Brewer on the Wichita City Council having to meet Feb. 26

Reverie Coffee Roasters to open near College Hill in April

WICHITA — There soon will be a new business to toast along Douglas Avenue not far from College Hill.

Reverie Coffee Roasters is opening at 2611 E. Douglas, which is a couple of blocks east of Grove, in April.

“Our entire retail space … is going to be dedicated to teaching people about the process from when it leaves the farm to when it gets to your cup,” says Andrew Gough, who is opening the business with Rebecca McNelly.

“There’s a huge market for it here,” McNelly says of coffee and everything associated with it.

“We’re focusing on artisan gourmet coffee,” she says.

Gough says it will be fair trade, single-origin coffee that shoppers can trace back to which farmer grew it and even on what plot of land.

“It’s just like wine,” he says.

Gough says the emphasis will be on quality and freshness.

“Everything you buy is going to be freshly roasted, generally within a day or so of when you purchase (it),” he says. “One of the unique things that we’re going to be doing is we are going … to be allowing people to try to create their own blend of coffee.”

He says Reverie will keep customers’ coffee blends on file.

“We’ll help people create their own profiles if they want it,” he says. “We’re going to encourage people to play with the blends a little bit.”

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