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You don’t say

“By the way, I was back at Siena today. The sidewalk view was every bit as good as I remembered.”

– An e-mail from Denice Bruce of Professional Engineering Consultants joking about the Ambassador Hotel’s website, which brags the hotel has views “overlooking the sidewalks of Wichita”

Ruffin working on two Delano properties

WICHITA — Chris Ruffin director of real estate for his father Phil Ruffin’s Ruffin Properties, is working on a couple of new deals in Delano.

One is for what will be the former Ruben’s Mexican Grill space, which he plans to renovate.

“It’s going to be really neat,” he says. “Everybody will really like it.”

The other is behind 550 W. Douglas where the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office is.

There had been an old warehouse behind the building.

“We’ve torn down that building,” Ruffin says.

He says he can build to suit, most likely for an office use.

“I think retail would be difficult there.”

Ruben’s Mexican Grill to move within Delano this spring

WICHITA — Ruben’s Mexican Grill is moving, but not far.

“Pretty much I can’t afford to stay here,” Ruben Acosta says of his current location near the northwest corner of Douglas and McLean.

He says his rent is substantially increasing, so he’s moving to 915 W. Douglas, which is still in Delano.

Acosta will take the first floor of the building, which is 2,600 square feet. That’s a bit bigger than his current space, where his lease is up at the end of April.

Ruben’s moved to Delano in 2003. Previously, it was in Old Town and was known as Ruben & Anita’s Tacos.

Acosta says his wife, Anita, is returning to the restaurant following an illness. He says they decided not to revert to the former name because the restaurant offers more than tacos.

The Acostas also considered returning to Old Town.

“I like Old Town,” Ruben Acosta says.

He says parking can be a problem, though. In the end, he says Delano was the natural choice.

“Delano has been great to me,” Acosta says. “Delano has been growing so fast so much.”

The Acostas will make a number of changes at the new space, including adding a full bar, a patio, big-screen TVs and a new menu. There will be expanded hours as well. Ruben Acosta says he and his wife hope to make the restaurant more of a destination. He says they plan to open in early May shortly after the current restaurant closes.

“I hope I can get it ready by then.”