Wichita Vending and Wichita Canteen are now called Premier Food Service

WICHITA — Joe Hemmelgarn now confirms what Have You Heard? reported last month: Wichita Vending and Wichita Canteen are now going to be called Premier Food Service.

“We used to be just a vending company,” Hemmelgarn says. “Now we’ve evolved into a larger food service company.”

The company offers catering, concessions, coffee and water among other things.

Almost a year ago, Wichita Vending purchased Wichita Canteen. Hemmelgarn says there was a plan to change the name from the beginning, but it wasn’t a top priority.

“The name is the last thing you need,” he says. “Just getting our hands around merging the two companies took a while.”

There are about 190 employees at the company.

The Premier name came from a division at Wichita Canteen.

“They had used that name for their contract food service,” Hemmelgarn says. “It was a familiar name, and it was kind of trying to keep it in house. It was easy.”