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You don’t say

“I guess life could be worse.”

Denny Muzzy of Linn Star Transfer, who gets about five calls a day for Waste Management because he has a similar number and about five a week for a former Good Feet store that Google shows as having his number

Good Feet to open in Eastgate Plaza

WICHITA — A new store is coming to Eastgate Plaza at Kellogg and Rock that is all about making feet feel good.

“I am basically reopening Good Feet in Wichita,” says franchisee Arnold Pereira.

“There used to be a store many, many years ago from what I understand.”

The franchise is based in California, and there are more than 100 Good Feet stores nationally that sell arch supports. The Wichita store will make the 10th Good Feet store for Pereira, who is based in Milwaukee, Wis. His closest store is in Kansas City.

“Wichita, I think, is a very good, solid market,” Pereira says.

The store particularly caters to people who have to stand while they work.

“They are in need of this product,” Pereira says.

Foot pain leads to body pain, he says.

“The arches aren’t in place anymore, and the body follows.”

The right support “can immediately take care of someone’s alignment issues.”

“There are a million inserts out there,” Pereira says. “The issue is whether it’s fitted correctly.”

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Pho MC to open at Cherry Creek

WICHITA — A new Vietnamese restaurant is opening in Cherry Creek at Harry and Rock Road.

Minh Tran and his wife, Kim Chi, are opening Pho MC in 3,200 square feet at the center. They plan to serve pho, which is Vietnamese soup, and other dishes from Vietnam.

The restaurant, which won’t serve alcohol, will seat more than 100 people.

Don Piros of Landmark Commercial Real Estate handled the deal.

Tran has worked at Saigon in the past along with restaurants in other states.

“I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants before.”

He says Pho MC will open in a couple of months.