Daily Archives: Jan. 15, 2013

You don’t say

“You don’t live up to those GSA obligations, they throw you in Leavenworth.”

NAI Martens broker Patrick Ahern joking about how developers Robert Eyster and Michael Ramsey have to be committed to finishing the Lux since the General Services Administration signed on as a tenant

Mayan calendar influences proposed Caban Marketplace in Bel Aire

WICHITA — The developers behind the proposed 580-acre Caban Marketplace in Bel Aire aren’t sharing all their plans yet, but there is one question they will answer.

What does Caban mean?

Tom Blitz of Shopping Center Development & Consulting says Caban is a symbol on the Mayan calendar and means earth.

He says early on, there were some green-thinking physicians involved with the project who suggested the name.

He’s not sure if the symbol will be incorporated into the development’s logo.

“We haven’t really addressed it to that level.”

Blitz says he was clear with his architect, though.

“I said, ‘I don’t want this to look like a Mayan temple.’

“The name comes from there. I’m not taking the architectural highlights.”

Lady Grace to leave Delano for the west side

WICHITA — Lady Grace, a Delano boutique, soon will be gracing the west side.

Jodie Mayer’s shop currently is at 810 W. Douglas. In March, she’s moving it to George Holland’s development at the northwest corner of Kellogg and Tyler.

“I like the looks of those buildings,” Mayer says of the western-themed buildings on the property.

There’s one thing she likes even more, though.

“Traffic,” Mayer says.

She says there will be a lot more cars coming by her new shop.

“We just don’t have the traffic in the Delano area,” Mayer says.

The more than two-year-old Lady Grace sells women’s clothing, jewelry, purses and boots.

The new space will have 1,500 square feet, which is a bit smaller than the current Lady Grace space.

Look for the new location to open by the middle of March at the latest.

Wichita State University selects developer, contractors and architect for new housing

WICHITA — Wichita State University is one step closer to new campus housing, which is a goal president John Bardo established not long after his arrival last year.

Spokesman Joe Kleinsasser confirms that Memphis-based EdR has been chosen as the developer for new 700-bed campus housing.

Farha Construction, in partnership with Dondlinger and Sons Construction, is the contractor, and Howard & Helmer Architecture is the architect.

Kleinsasser says the final contracts aren’t signed.

“It’s a matter of ironing out details,” he says.

Look for more information soon.