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You don’t say

“My wife was not happy to see the store opening.”

University of Kansas alumnus Alan Burch, who was happy to see the new KU Store open in Eastgate Plaza but already has more memorabilia than his wife thinks he should

Ryan Dugan Eye Care to open in Andale

WICHITA — As a new optometrist looking to open a practice in the Wichita area, Goddard native Ryan Dugan decided to take the advice of a dentist.

His brother’s father-in-law, dentist Randy Newby, explained how he started his practice in Mount Hope and that it might make sense for Dugan to go to a smaller community as well.

“That kind of influenced me,” says Dugan, who graduated from the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tenn., in May. “I could really rely on him from personal experience.”

Also, he says the Wichita market is already “pretty saturated” with optometry clinics, and he thinks a smaller community might help him to “kind of to differentiate myself.”

So Dugan is opening Ryan Dugan Eye Care at 228 N. Andale Road in Andale where Via Christi Health used to have a medical building in 3,700 square feet.

“It’s a lot larger building than I actually need, but it’s great because I have room to expand in it,” Dugan says.

One day, he says, he’d like to have his own lens lab there.

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Kansas Star Casino working on reception

WICHITA — Visitors to the Kansas Star Casino have found it frustrating that their cell phones often don’t work while they’re there, but the casino is working to fix that.

While some casinos do scramble signals on purpose to prevent cheating, that’s not the case at the Kansas Star, says public relations manager Megan Strader.

“Two years ago, this was a field,” she says of the casino’s Mulvane site. “There isn’t an abundance of cell phone towers in this area.”

Even outdoors on the grounds of the casino, it can be tough to get a signal.

In addition, Strader says the casino’s building has “an immense amount of steel” for signals to penetrate.

She says the casino is looking at ways around the issue.

“It’s something we do want to work on,” she says.

“Trust me, it drives us crazy, too.”