Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique to open at Siena Plaza in a couple of weeks

Julie Breault and Sara DuLac are opening the Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique in Siena Plaza. On Breault’s lap is her dog Edward, whom she says is in desperate need of grooming.

WICHITA — If you heard about a new business that features a large purple sofa and chandelier to greet you along with a refreshment center, you might think you’ve entered a hip new bar.

If you then learned this business offers massages and blueberry facials, it would be natural to assume it was the latest spa in town.

It is – just not for humans.

Julie Breault and Sara DuLac are opening the Hairy Sofa Pet Grooming Boutique at Siena Plaza to cater to man’s best friends, whether they’re dogs or cats.

“We’re trying to really create a unique space, something unlike other grooming salons you’ll see here in Wichita,” Breault says.

There will be “all kinds of great options for the pets to get while they’re there. They’re going to be very well attended to.”

Breault is the practice manager at Heartland Animal Hospital & Play & Stay, which her husband, veterinarian Gary Breault, and her brother-in-law, veterinarian Bill Breault, own.

The two businesses will be sister companies of sorts. Heartland’s grooming business is moving to the Hairy Sofa. Pets who need vaccinations or other medical care will be transported from the Hairy Sofa to Heartland.

“We’re hoping to make it as convenient as possible – kind of a one-stop shop without being all in one stop,” Julie Breault says. “As little of time as you can run around transporting your pet the better.”

Heartland is near 37th and Woodlawn, and Siena Plaza is nearby at 37th and North Rock Road.

“I’ve seen that strip mall develop into a … nice little service area,” Breault says. “We just kind of fit right in.”

The boutique will offer what Breault calls some unique collars, leashes and pet beds.

Breault will keep her job at Heartland. DuLac, who is a master groomer, will run the Hairy Sofa when Breault can’t be there.

Cristi Howell of J.P. Weigand & Sons handled the deal for the 1,250-square-foot space.

Breault says Heartland’s grooming services, which are offered as a convenience for customers, regularly are fully booked.

“It just seems that there’s not enough grooming, at least quality grooming, in this area,” she says.

The business will open in about two weeks.

Breault says the idea behind the Hairy Sofa is to make pets – and consequently their owners – as happy, calm and comfortable as possible.

“It can be stressful to everybody to bring your pet in,” she says. “Hopefully, they’ll go out feeling calm and relaxed.”