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Ho ho ho

Hey, everyone, I’m off until Dec. 27. Hope you have a very merry time this holiday season.


Doc Howard’s Lounge reopens

WICHITA — Doc Howard’s Lounge is back open.

The Old Town bar’s temporarily lapsed liquor license was restored after owner Bryan Shapiro had a new fire door installed as the city dictated.

Shapiro says his business, which has been a target for critics due to fights and disturbances in and around it, was affected by having to close.

“Of course it was affected,” Shapiro says. He says, though, “I don’t think it was any evil intention.”

The city had several demands before it would restore the license.

“They gave us a list, we complied, we’re open, thank God.”

Apricot Lane Boutique, a national chain, to open at Bradley Fair this spring

WICHITA — Along with tulips and daffodils popping up this spring, Wichita will have an apricot, too.

Apricot Lane Boutique, that is.

Wichitans Kami and Mark Murphy are opening a franchise of the California-based women’s boutique at Bradley Fair in March.

“The store is a fabulous women’s fashion boutique that is very unique,” says the chain’s founder and CEO Ken Petersen.

There are 82 Apricot Lanes in 30 states, and they’re known for having limited quantities– maybe only a couple of each size — of name-brand and nonbranded apparel.

“Customers love that,” Petersen says. He says they like knowing not everyone will be wearing what they’re wearing.

“Our product mix is fast, and it’s fresh, and it’s on trend, and it’s constantly changing,” he says.

Petersen calls the store a mother-daughter boutique that appeals to both age groups.

He says he’s found it to be even more than that.

“I can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen grandma, mom and daughter in the stores,” he says.

“I didn’t want to be a juniors retailer. We didn’t want to be a Talbots-type of retailer.”

There also will be shoes, jewelry, accessories and gifts in a variety of price points.

“We’re excited to bring something that’s so hip and also something that’s a little more affordable to Bradley Fair,” Kami Murphy says.

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You don’t say

“Where does the apocalypse fit into this?”

– Sedgwick County Commissioner Jim Skelton on Gov. Sam Brownback’s weight-loss challenge and the county forming teams to participate