Mattress Firm to open at New Leaf Plaza

WICHITA — Mattress Firm, which just opened a new store near Central and I-235, is opening another new store on the west side. This one will go in the former Hollywood Video space at New Leaf Plaza, the shopping center at 21st and Amidon that used to be known as Marina Lakes. This will make the chain’s seventh Wichita store.

“If you look at the map of Wichita, we’ve got most of the shopping areas covered,” says franchisee Emmanuel Giannas, who has two partners in the business.

Giannas says the time is right to go to that area.

“That was once a very much highly shopped area,” he says.

With the addition of the Walmart Neighborhood Market at New Leaf, Giannas expects it to be a popular area once again.

“It’s going to bring back a lot of shopping to the area.”

Giannas says there will be a new look to the sign and exterior of the store.

“It’s going to stand out quite a bit,” he says. “It’s kind of a new concept for what we’re doing.”

Giannas says he’s hoping the store, which will be more than 7,000 square feet, will open by the third week of December.

“We just want to provide a very convenient location,” he says.

That’s all the stores the company has planned here for now.

“We’re very happy with the stores we have,” Giannas says.

There aren’t Mattress Firm stores in the smaller cities surrounding Wichita because the Wichita stores draw from those areas, he says.

“We’re not going to rule out the thought of moving into some smaller towns in the future.”