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Mattress Firm to open at New Leaf Plaza

WICHITA — Mattress Firm, which just opened a new store near Central and I-235, is opening another new store on the west side. This one will go in the former Hollywood Video space at New Leaf Plaza, the shopping center at 21st and Amidon that used to be known as Marina Lakes. This will make the chain’s seventh Wichita store.

“If you look at the map of Wichita, we’ve got most of the shopping areas covered,” says franchisee Emmanuel Giannas, who has two partners in the business.

Giannas says the time is right to go to that area.

“That was once a very much highly shopped area,” he says.

With the addition of the Walmart Neighborhood Market at New Leaf, Giannas expects it to be a popular area once again.

“It’s going to bring back a lot of shopping to the area.”

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You don’t say

“We’re here anyway. Why not?”

– Dave Chaffin of Shoeless Joe’s Old Fashioned Burgers and Phillys on serving breakfast now that nearby King’s-X Diner has closed, even though “we are probably the most unorthodox breakfast place you’d ever want to find”

Teppanyaki Grill Sushi Buffet to open on West Kellogg next to Best Buy

WICHITA — What likely is going to be the biggest restaurant in Wichita is going to open in January.

Teppanyaki Grill Sushi Buffet is going to open in 13,000 square feet at 6710 W. Kellogg next to Best Buy.

“We can hold about 400 people,” says project manager Ricky Cui.

He’s with Minneapolis-based Teppanyaki Grill Buffet, a company that has six buffet restaurants so far, including locations in Omaha, Neb., Sioux Falls, S.D., Chicago, Lawrence and two in the Minneapolis area.

Cui says the company is interested in Wichita due to its proximity to Lawrence.

He says the restaurant will have 12 buffet tables, each of which holds about 20 to 30 items.

The restaurant’s specialties are sushi and Japanese-style teppanyaki, but there are other kinds of Asian and American food available.

Cui says the chain is looking for a Kansas City location. He says if the Wichita restaurant does well, the company may consider a second location here as well.

‘Til We Meet again obtains license to sell Vatican caskets, urns, grave markers and memorial products

WICHITA — If a business person would like to do business with the Vatican, is it as easy as calling up and asking?

Almost. At least that’s how it seemed to go for Nathan Smith and Traci Smith-Cone of ’Til We Meet Again, the casket store at Towne West Square that’s turning into a national chain.

The day after Thanksgiving, Smith says he and Smith-Cone signed a deal with the Vatican for Vatican-licensed merchandise.

“We are the only source for retail for all Vatican caskets, urns and memorial products throughout the United States,” Smith says. “It’s been something we’ve been working on for quite some time.”

Another company used to have the exclusive license, he says.

“That company that was doing that fell on some hard times and bad management and are no longer in existence,” Smith says.

When he heard that, he says he called the Vatican to inquire about the license.

“Through a lot of negotiations and talks, we thought it brought a lot of value to have that license from the Vatican,” Smith says. “It’s going to be a pretty big license for us.”

The company is in the process of working with the Vatican and several manufacturers on developing lines for caskets, urns, grave markers, jewelry and keepsakes.

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