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West-side Baskin-Robbins closes for the winter due to lack of drive-through

WICHITA — The west-side Baskin-Robbins store near 21st and Maize Road has closed for the winter.

“It’s more economically feasible at this point to temporarily close it down for the winter and then reopen in the spring,” says owner David Cortez.

He’s not closing the east-side Baskin-Robbins near 21st and Webb Road. He expects business to remain strong there through the winter because 50 percent of his sales come from the store’s drive-through.

“We just don’t have a drive-through at the west store,” Cortez says. “It’s real tough because … of how it’s laid out.”

Coming into the store can be a bigger hassle in winter weather. Also, it can be difficult for parents with children in car seats.

“You’ve got a lot of soccer moms who don’t want to get out of their car,” Cortez says. “It’s very convenient to have that drive-through.”

He wants to find a way to have one.

“I’m looking at some options.”

You don’t say

“ … at first I thought someone hacked their sign, but then realized it was just the worst case of timing possible – or, best, if you want the publicity.”

– Wichitan Rick Slater’s e-mail after seeing a digital billboard for Doc Howard’s that advertised “Seasons beatings” for Dec. 1 boxing and fights at the Old Town bar, where a man attacked a bouncer over the weekend and was then beaten himself

Developer confirms CVS coming to Central and Oliver

UPDATED — Developer Christian Ablah now confirms what planning documents showed this summer:

A CVS store is coming to the northeast corner of Central and Oliver. Ablah and his father, Don, of Classic Real Estate handled the deal.

CVS representatives have yet to confirm that the Rhode Island-based chain of pharmacies is entering the market, but construction already has begun on one of the stores at the southwest corner of 13th and Maize Road.

A CVS also is coming to the northwest corner of 21st and Amidon.

The same planning documents that show replatting for the store at Central and Oliver also show that one is in the works at the southwest corner of Harry and Hillside.

The former Rossiter liquor store will be torn down to make room for the CVS at Central and Oliver, which will also be on property where a bingo parlor used to be. Ablah says that corner, which he says is one of the main ones in College Hill, has been popular through the years with businesses such as the Tower Theater.

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