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Warren Theatre staff wishes Marvin Autry hadn’t wished everyone a happy holiday

WICHITA — Who is Marvin Autry, and why did he wish Warren Theatre East moviegoers happy Thanksgiving?

That’s what some Warren visitors wondered when they saw, “Marvin Autry says happy Thanksgiving,” on the theater’s marquee last week.

The marquee is the latest in a little joke between theater owner Bill Warren and Autry, who owns Midwest Corporate Aviation.

A couple of years back, Warren lost “some stupid bet” to Autry. Warren claims he can’t remember what it was for, but he had to give Autry his own parking space at the theater, complete with his name on it.

“People over the years have asked about the parking spot,” Warren says.

Then, when Warren named parking lot poles after movie stars to help people remember where they parked, he named one for Autry.

“And so he started getting phone calls and texts and e-mails asking what’s going on,” Warren says. “We told people it’s Gene Autry’s younger brother.”

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Lowen IT purchases Wichita-based Cardinal Technology Consulting

WICHITA — For the second time in three months, Lowen IT is expanding, this time with the acquisition of a Wichita company.

Lowen IT has purchased the one-man shop of Cardinal Technology Consulting, according to Lowen IT operations manager James Starkweather.

He says the company is “just kind of your generalized IT support.”

“We’ll add a few more variables to the offering,” Starkweather says. “Their clients will get some added benefits. We can offer things like voice and virtualization.”

Lowen IT is part of Hutchinson-based Lowen Corp., a 62-year-old graphics and sign company.

In August, Lowen IT purchased Buhler-based IdeaTek Consulting Division.

“They wanted to get away from IT services and support and focus mainly on telecommunications,” Starkweather says

Lowen IT has clients all over the state, he says, and is looking for overall growth.

“Wichita is an obvious choice for us because it’s 45 minutes away,” he says.

“Any opportunities we find down there, we take advantage of.”

Social Manor to open in Old Town on Dec. 1

WICHITA — The holidays are a social time, so perhaps it’s fitting that Lauren Johnson and Erin Kice are opening their new Social Manor in Old Town on Dec. 1.

The two first shared their plans with Have You Heard? in September.

The store, which is in the former Gingeroot Studios space at 920 E. Douglas next to I Do Bridal & Tux, will have furniture, art, accessories and gifts along with design services.

“It’s a pretty even mix of gifts of furniture to artwork,” Johnson says.

“We’re getting there,” she says of being ready to open. “Some things came up last minute that you just don’t anticipate.”

Johnson says shipping over Thanksgiving was an issue.

“We’re still waiting on a couple of orders that will probably block Douglas.”

She’s not kidding. Johnson and Kice discovered that the large trucks bringing their inventory can’t fit in the alley by their business, so they temporarily park on the busy Douglas, blocking it.

“Everyone knows when we have a delivery,” Johnson says.

Although the shop has some holiday decor, she says, “We didn’t want to go too crazy because it is already December when we’re opening. We focused mainly on gifts this year.”

Social Manor also will offer in-store instructional events on decorating. Johnson says she and Kice hope the classes and the store in general will be an inspiration for shoppers.

“We like bringing fun things downtown,” she says. “We think the store will be great for Wichita.”