Wisconsin-based Cobblestone Inn & Suites looking to bring hotel to Augusta

UPDATED — A new hotel may be coming to Augusta.

Wisconsin-based Cobblestone Inn & Suites, which recently opened a new hotel in Anthony and also has one in Harper, is considering a 50-room hotel.

“They have been looking at our community,” says Mayor Kristey Williams. “They’re growing very rapidly.”

Cobblestone is considering property on Seventh Avenue next to a car lot and just down from the new Walmart.

“It’s not finalized, but there seems to be a lot of interest,” Williams says.

Cobblestone is looking for local investors to be part of an LLC. The hotel isn’t a franchise.

Williams compares it to a Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn.

“It’s of that caliber.”

She says there would be a pool and a bar.

“It has all the amenities and features that you would find at any reputable chain.”

Attracting a well-known franchise in a city of Augusta’s size is difficult, Williams says.

“As you can imagine, it’s much more expensive to bring a franchise into your community.”

Also, she says, franchises have to meet all kinds of criteria.

A company such as Cobblestone “gives smaller communities a better opportunity to maintain occupancies,” Williams says.

She says there are potential local partners interested in bringing the hotel.

“I’m patiently waiting to see what will happen.”

Currently, there are two locally owned hotels in Augusta.

Williams says Cobblestone “could bring in another level of customer.”

She says residents with out-of-town guests don’t always have them stay in Augusta hotels.

“Often times they’ll choose a little higher-end option that might be in Andover or Wichita but yet would be less convenient for them,” she says.

Williams says Cobblestone could change that.

“I think it actually will capture a fair share of the market we’re currently losing.”