Jeff Ablah leaves Rowley Snyder Ablah


WICHITA — As its second anniversary approaches, Rowley Snyder Ablah will celebrate without one of its founding principals.

Jeff Ablah has returned to his father George Ablah’s real estate firm, Ablah Enterprises.

“They asked him if he wanted to come back over there and help them with the huge volume of projects,” Bruce Rowley says.

He says the departure doesn’t mean the relationship — personally or professionally — didn’t work with Ablah.

“You know, it worked great,” Rowley says. “Jeff’s walking out on a high note.”

Ablah is selling his stake in the agency, but he says he’ll still support it.

“I’m going to continue to be an ambassador and a consultant.”

Rowley says the agency “had a stellar first year.”

“The first year was crazy wild,” he says. “The second year, certainly, we’ve had some turnover of staff. … People who couldn’t or didn’t feel like keeping up. … It certainly is a high-turnover business anyway.”

Rowley says the agency, which has 15 employees including the principals, is doing well, though.

“We’ve had actually great growth in our second year. A lot of that has been attributed to Jeff. The partnership, having three (principals), has been phenomenal.”

Rowley isn’t looking to add another partner, but he says, “We’re certainly going to be looking to add … a person in the business-development area.”

He won’t discuss what the agency bills.

“I think we’re up by 35, 40 percent over last year,” Rowley says. “Financially, we’re doing great.”

He says the agency has already been transitioning to calling itself RSA Marketing Services and likely will remain that.

“Jeff and I have been friends since we were little kids,” Rowley says. That will continue, he says, despite a major point of contention for Ablah.

“He’s always been upset he didn’t get a door,” Rowley says.

The agency has an open-office concept.

So when Ablah got to his new office, Rowley says he “made sure to tell me he finally was getting the office with the door that he so desired.”

While Ablah was briefly out of his new office, Rowley and Snyder snuck over and removed his door from its hinges and hid it.

It’s the kind of good-natured interaction that Rowley says he and Ablah enjoyed.

“I’m sad that … we don’t get to bicker like brothers all day long anymore.”