Two Alterations By Sarah and Millers Dry Cleaners to add Golden Tuxedo rentals

WICHITA — Alterations by Sarah and Millers Dry Cleaners partners Abdul Arif and Craig Miller, who share locations, are expanding two of their businesses to include tuxedo rentals as well.

“The dynamics of having the tux business as part of the dry cleaners and the alterations is a perfect fit,” Arif says.

They’re partnering with Gary Golden who has Topeka-based Golden Tuxedo and Hygienic Golden Touch Cleaners.

“The dry cleaning business has had its ups and downs,” says JD Deines, who is with both Topeka companies.

Pairing with the tuxedo business can help the bottom line, he says.

Deines says he used to think the businesses are related like distant cousins.

“They’re actually more brothers and sisters,” he says. “It’s just worked really well.”

Deines says it’s important to measure a tuxedo correctly.

“That’s where … we found that this makes a lot of sense.”

Also, he says once a tuxedo has been rented, it has to go to a dry cleaners to be cleaned.

“It’s a good combination.”

Deines says the companies decided to share their story with other dry cleaners to expand the concept.

“So our first market that we chose is actually Wichita.”

Arif and Miller will renovate their stores at 1210 S. Rock Road and 10555 W. 21st St. to include a Golden Tuxedo at each shop.

Renovation will begin Oct. 14 at the Rock Road location. That should be complete by the end of the month, and then the west-side renovation will start.

“The reasons these locations were chosen is the proximity to high schools,” Arif says.

He says the partnering will bring more value for customers.

“Most big cities have all of these three together. We’re trying to duplicate that here.”

Arif says spring and early summer are the peak times for tuxedo rentals.

“The business is so incredibly seasonable,” he says. “Then it drops off to practically nothing from August all the way to February. Most mom and pops can’t survive those cycles.”

Arif says Golden Tuxedo is now also partnering with the new Alterations By Sarah in Lawrence that his son and daughter-in-law, Samir and Sara Arif, have just opened.

Deines says Golden Tuxedo is looking to expand with partners in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Springfield, Mo., and to do a couple of corporate deals in the Kansas City area.

Arif is already thinking of possible expansion as well.

He says there are a number of shops for formal attire in the 21st Street and Broadway area that specifically cater to quinceanera parties.

“We see a natural market to extend our market to that area as well.”