B&C Barbeque to open on south side

WICHITA — South-side residents regularly complain that when new restaurants come to the city, they don’t come to their area.

A well-known Wichita restaurant soon will be expanding there, though.

Carey Maurer is opening a second B&C Barbeque at 2308 S. Meridian, which is just north of Pawnee and Meridian.

The current B&C is at Third and Washington downtown.

A few things are motivating Maurer, he says.

“Just opportunity, I suppose. . . . It seems like the economy has gotta come back in Wichita.”

Also, there’s not much barbecue competition in that area, he says.

“There’s really not anything down that way.”

The new restaurant will be slightly different than the downtown B&C.

“I don’t see us doing a buffet,” Maurer says. “We’ll try to come in at a lower price point than we’re at now.”

The menu isn’t set yet, but Maurer says he envisions having some different offerings than what his downtown lunch buffet has.

Unlike the downtown B&C, the Meridian restaurant will have dinner as well as lunch every day but Sunday.

Also, Maurer says there will be a drive-through, “which I think is going to be real nice and convenient.”

Michael Hicks and Dennis Fitzroy of Builders Inc. handled the deal for the 1,100-square-foot space.

Look for the restaurant to open in December.